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A little bit about Rotary Burrs. We stock two different brands, Alpen/Maykestag and Karnasch, both are very high quality offering the very best combination of cutting/grinding ability and longevity.

  • Rotary Burrs are only suitable for use with Die Grinders which rotate around 20,000 rpm. They will NOT work in a drill.
  • Profiles: A variety of profiles are available, each with its own preferred use. The most versatile is the ‘Ball Nose,’ which is a good starter Burr for more general use. These are ideal for grinding cylinder locks, using a gentle motion and gradually opening up the hole in order that the Burr does not become snagged. With any Burr, it may be preferential to drill a pilot hole or countersink first, depending on experience. ‘F Cut Cylindrical’ feature a cutting surface on the front of the Burr and around the circumference of the cylinder, and again are quite versatile.
  • Coating: At the lower end of the price-range are Burrs which have no special coating. We also offer TiN Coated (in the case of the Alpen), and Blue-Tec (in the case of the Karnasch) which improve cutting ability and tool life.
  • Cut: This refers to the abrasiveness of the Burr. A Cut 3 is less abrasive and a finer cut than a Cut 6 for example. A Cut 3 will take slightly longer to grind, but is less likely to snag than a Cut 6, though if used correctly neither should snag.
  • Sizes: Generally the shank-size of the Burr is 6mm. Length can vary but 50mm or 65mm are the most popular, though we do stock some which are considerably longer for more specialised use. The grinding section of the Burr also comes in different sized diameter. 6mm or 8mm are the most useful for general use. One thing to bear in mind, is that swarf that the Burr is removing from the hole, is more easily removed from a Burr with a larger diameter cutter, than the shank. ie. there is a relief when using an 8mm Burr as the shaft is smaller.
  • Cutting Compound: In order to cut more efficiently, as well as prolong the life of the Burr, we would always recommend the use of a good quality Cutting Compound, which helps keep the Burr cooler.
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