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UNIVERSAL CAMERA BRACKET SET A fully articulated bracket set, which may be used with a camera, or torch. It is compatible with both the Outside-In Lock Tools ‘Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit’ and the ‘Souber’ LBT.
This steel bracket is fully articulated and adjustable in seconds, to give the perfect viewing angle. It may be customised to accept a wide range of cameras and/or torches. This newer, upgraded bracket now includes a quick-adjust Gripnut (also available separately) to speed-up and simplify positioning and remounting. The set comes complete with a micro-torch and velcro to get you started and is compatible with both the Outside-In ‘Extreme Letterbox Tool’ and the ‘Souber (RTM).’
Universal Camera Bracket Set
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Locksmiths supplies and equipment
Locksmith tools supplies and equipment
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