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TOOL PACK Designed for use with the Extreme Letterbox Tool, (also compatible with the budget letterbox tool), the Tool Pack consists of The Snibbler, The Claw, The Kingfisher, The Loop & The GripStick. Five multi-purpose locksmiths tools that will pass through even the tightest letterbox.
The Tool Pack consists of the basics of the letterbox tool and are able to carry out most gain entries through the letterbox. They have been designed to deal with 21st century door security, including being able to pass through modern, higher-security narrow letterboxes and are multi-function which cuts down the need for potential tool- swaps. The Snibbler is capable of lifting/dropping snibs and pulling levers and handles. The Claw is the Swiss- Army Knife of Locksmiths Tools and may be used to open Ingersolls, door bolts, door chains, key-fish etc. The Kingfisher features its unique trap which ensures that fished-keys will not fall off. It is also used on door bolts and chains etc. The Loop was designed for pulling industrial door handles etc down, while The GripStick allows for frighteningly quick openings of cylindrical-knobbed thumbturns.
The Tool Pack
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The Loop
The Loop (available separately) has been designed to pull down on industrial and commercial type door handles, where considerable force may be required, because being a higher-traffic area, some of these handles feature stronger springs and other methods may fail before opening is achieved.
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Locksmiths supplies and equipment
Locksmith tools supplies and equipment
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