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SIDEWINDER EVOLUTION The SideWinders ‘Big Brother’ for turning thumbturns, nightlatches and keys-on-the-inside. Greater length, interchangeable heads and enough torque to remove screws
The SideWinder Evolution does everything the SideWinder can do and much, much more. It attaches to the Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit or budget letterbox tool and enables the fast rotation of keys-on-the-inside, thumbturns and nightlatches, using an easy-to-learn technique. It has a reach of 1.5m and by using the strongest wire in its class, has enough torque to remove screws. The SideWinder Evolution locksmith tool is NOT a converted drill driver which were not designed for the amounts of torque necessary to open certain locks, but uses our own ‘DirectDrive’ technology. This Locksmiths tool also features interchangeable heads including the classic self-adjusting SideWinder Grippers, the WM Box, a Rackbolt Key and a selection of screwdriver bits to enable to opening of non-deadlocked Chubb Ava. Because of the tools uncluttered head, the SideWinder Evolution is capable of passing through the narrowest of letterboxes.
turned using the gripper attachment on the thumbturner
SideWinder Evolution
Using the WM Box attachment Attachments for the SideWinder Evolution Easy opening with the Evolution
6 x Spare Gripper Rubbers
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Locksmiths supplies and equipment
Locksmith tools supplies and equipment
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Turns keys, night latches, thumbturns and rack bolts