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EXTREME LETTERBOX TOOL KIT The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit, - the most advanced, strongest, longest and fastest to use
EXTREME LETTERBOX TOOL KIT VISIONARY The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit Visionary. Comes with ‘SideWinder Evolution,’ ‘BullsEye’ and ‘PitchBlack Pack.’
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The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit Visionary (which also includes the SideWinder Evolution ,’ BullsEye and the PitchBlack Pack’ ) is our top-of-the-range Letterbox Tool extending to over 6 feet in length and features metal lockable connectors which will not come apart, bend or break, therefore giving the user greater confidence in the tool. The metal sections themselves may be adjusted in length between sections, without the need to remove the section completely, - a great time saver. In addition, the latest, upgraded kit now comes with one of our popular Extendable - Infinity’ sections, which may be adjusted to the exact length required, in seconds. The ‘Rattler’ handle features our ‘Registered Design’ loop to bypass letterbox security plates and also offers superior comfort. The Visionary Kit also comes with a number of quick change multi-purpose attachments , which keep tool-swaps to a minimum, enabling fast openings of a variety of locks. Also included is our sprung-loaded fast deploy Shatterproof stainless-steel Visi-Clamp Mirror which holds the letterbox flaps out of the way for a clear view, for when a quick and simple set-up is needed. Comes in a handy hard case along with full instructions and a tutorial video DVD.
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The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit Visionary
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The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit Visionary
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Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit Visionary
Square section for strength Metal SureLock connectors Long-reach flexible drive with interchangeable heads Handle bypasses security shrouds Extendable section for superfast set-up Over 6 foot of reach BullsEye opens large levered nightlatches Four multi-purpose attachments Dedicated infrared camera and monitor system Quick deploy large stainless steel mirror Supplied in a large handy hard case