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BULLSEYE Designed for use with the Extreme Letterbox Tool, to open large-levered nightlatches (PBS1, ERA etc.) swiftly and efficiently
The BullsEye Locksmiths tool attaches to the Extreme Letterbox Tool enabling easy pulling of larger levered nightlatches such as the PBS1 and ERAs which cannot always be opened by using mica. These locks feature strong springs which may be difficult to pull down with a letterbox tool without slipping off. They can be even harder if they are fitted tightly in the keep which can result in a frustrating and time-consuming opening for Locksmiths. The BullsEye was developed to open these easily within seconds, without slipping off the lever. It is also possible to open cylindrical-knobbed thumbturns such as ISEO, GeGe and Multi-Lock with the BullsEye. This tool will pay for itself many times over. Many Locksmiths have tried these out at shows and training sessions and remarked how much easier opening of these larger nightlatches is using the BullsEye, making it a much needed attachment for the Letterbox Tool.
One of the best attachments for the Letterbox Tool Push up or pull down on these large levers The BullsEye will also open thumbturns with round knobs
The BullsEye
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Locksmiths supplies and equipment
Locksmith tools supplies and equipment
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